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Vietnam is strategically located in the center of Southeast Asia. It has a long coastline and is close to many international shipping routes. These make Vietnam a prime location for trading. The World Bank ranked Vietnam 70th out of 190 economies in its Doing Business 2020 report. The World Bank gave Vietnam a score of 69.8, 1.44 points higher than the year before. Since 2000, GDP growth in Vietnam averaged 6.5% every year. In 2020, Vietnam’s economy still shows growth at about 3% despite the pandemic. According to the Vietnam Institute for Economic and Policy Research (VERP), the GDP growth could reach 3.8% by the end of 2020. The Vietnamese government is continually making improvements to the country’s infrastructure. The government is putting funds towards building and improving expressways, airports, and ports. Despite yearly increases to minimum wage rates, Vietnam still has one of the lowest labor costs in Southeast Asia’s top emerging markets. 

We understand our customer never stop to increase it's market competency in terms of logistic, cost and quality. So we strive to bridge supply chain with foreign customers with our expertise to make business run better. Contact us to find out how we can collaborate.

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Our approach


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What we do

Quality Management System

Establish management system ISO13485 and ISO9001, ensure quality procedure can meet US FDA Regulation 21 CFR820 and Europe CE standard.

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Innovative design

With years of research, our products always have innovative and breakthrough designs. We are constantly researching to change models and materials to improve product quality to suit new trends.

Certified products

Strict management process, highly specialized team of experts have helped our products gain international certifications.

High-quality devices

We are always interested in investing in production equipment and machinery. Monitoring system, regular maintenance. High quality equipment is a top priority to produce the highest quality products.

Advanced technology

We are constantly researching and learning to apply the most advanced technologies in the production process

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