Containing Covid 19

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    Containing Covid 19
    Recently, bunch of news from all over the world about Delta variant of covid-19 outbreak, country included United Stated, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam regardless which continent they are, most of them sunk encountering with Delta. As quality control guys, which worked with countless cases of containing potential defective product from leak out, I seen too much loopholes in containment action of these country.
    Vietnam's state of emergency
    Date 22nd of July, Vietnam captures total of 6194 new covid19 infected cases, accumulated cases reach 74,371cases, among of it, Ho Chi Minh alone created 4,218cases in single days. More and more isolation facility getting crowded and the fear of collapsing of medical capacities are getting heavier. Below is the video capture by a potential infected patient stayed in one of the isolation facility, these isolation facility were utilize to isolate those peoples that have close contact with infected patient, peoples that came from high infection zone, people that have symptom of infection and many others people that may high potential infection by covid19, everyone stucked in a tiny space, no social distance were preserved, so if some of them that not actually infected, but unfortunately been drag to into here, this person have no doubt will get infected in no time.
    Social distancing?
    What terrified me, which was my own experience when performing covid rapid test in one of the hospitals at Binh Duong, all exanimated person will be located in an open area that sit distance about 2meters among each other while waiting for test result. Each one been called by name shall stand up and walk to collect their test result, while walking to pick up the result, they will pass through others that are sitting. Within 30minutes while I am waiting for my result, I witness 3 positive cases, they just sit nearby me. As study reported shown, Delta variant can be spread by air, in that open area, wind blow freely, since there is potential of infected person in thereand it happen rapidly, I have no doubt that the virus had been spread not only in that area, but probably outside the area as well. God bless me, I hope I didn't get infected when sitting there and holding my breath.
    Questionable containment action
    When comes to containment action while infected cases found, every resident on that street where the infected person live were recruited and queue to perform covid rapid test, these people aren't trained to take queue with social distances, some may stand too close to each other, here comes the problem, if some of them were infected, this is the good time to spread the virus to other. Virus will stay at incubation period when newly transmitted to other and won't able to detected by PCR test immediately. That's mean while they are queuing, some new infections were occurring but due to latent period, they won’t able to be detected at that time. At that time, only those that already past incubation period will be send so isolated, but those that still in incubation period are free to go back to their home and continue spread in their community. Below picture took in China when an infected cases detected, all resident were recruited to perform covid rapid test immediately.

    Infinite circulation of transmission

    WHO had established few guidelines for the world on how to protect ourself to get infection: -
    1) Clean your hands often. Use soap and water, or an alcohol-based hand rub.
    2) Maintain a safe distance from anyone who is coughing or sneezing.
    3) Wear a mask when physical distancing is not possible.
    4) Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth.
    5) Cover your nose and mouth with your bent elbow or a tissue when you cough or sneeze.
    6) Stay home if you feel unwell.
    7) If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention.

    As what we can see, every containment action took by each government are violating at least one of these guidelines, the worst parts are they didn't foresee the infinite circulation created from this action, this is why country that I mentioned above not able to stop the increasing of cases daily. What they hoping are to get vaccination rate in their country to grow as fast as possible until meet the stable level of 70%, before that they will just keep their lock down policy.

    The problem of "Lock Down"
    China might have set a wrong example by showing the world how effectively their fight the spread of virus by "Lock Down". Lock down are killing economy of the state, we can see the effect from what recently happening in Malaysia whereby their people waving white flag to ask for social assistance due to they lost they source of income. Malaysia perform lock down from March 2020, and continuously with few more lock down event partially until today (July 2021).
    Effectively containment
    As a Quality Manager that posed with 20years of experience on preventing defective product from leak out, the method we use in manufacturing industrial are most suitably to practice in containing the spread of virus as well. The government should increase their medical personnel, instead of getting people go out to street and queue for covid rapid test, people should stay at home and not allow to go out. Medical personnel go to each house and perform testing for every member in the house, since we know that Covid have 14days of incubation period, these people should isolated in their own house for 14 days and another rapid test shall perform at that time. Once the test result show negative, first dose vaccination shall perform immediately. With first dose done, these people having 50% of immune system. Lock down can then be lift from them. Short and effective lock down period, no infinite circulation of spreading, economy of the state won't get damage heavily and vaccination done at the most needed location.

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