Disposable Isolation PE Gown

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Disposable Isolation PE Gown

Disposable Isolation PE Gown protect weared from direct fluid contact to body especially from chest to knee, applicable during care activities where splashed and spray are anticipated, which typical includes aerosol generating procedure.

Size: Adult
Quantiy: 10pcs / box, 120pcs / cases
Brand: OEM / ODM
Color: Light Blue
Material: Polyethylene (PE) sheet, 100% water proof 
Carton: L60cm x W40cm x H40cm, GW: 7.25kg
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  • 2025
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  • Cut wider through the neck, chest and shoulders, for roomy comfort and freedom of movement
  • Advanced technology allows moisture vapor to escape while preventing transmission of fluids
  • Reinforced with breathable film material throughout, front to back, top to bottom
  • Exceptionally strong, yet lig
  • Come with L size and XL size, refer to chart below for the specification

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