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    Business Management Software - VSNet
    CEV offers Information Technology solutions that will help your company overcome technological challenges, surpassing the increasingly competitive marketplace. CEV specialize in providing full scale solutions to complex business problems using modern software development practices and technologies. We solve problems from initial product building, e-commerce solutions and integrations, to process automation and control systems.

    VSNet consisted by 6 main modules:-

    1)ERP – this module will help company to plan for material replenishment, shipment planning, purchase and sourcing, production planning
    2)MES – this module will help company in micro manage manufacturing activities, real time update production status and enable supervisor level to take immediate action
    3)QAM – this module will help company to maintain routing of inspection to ensure every quality process perform according to customer/QMS requirement
    4)WMS – this module will help company to manage their inventory more accurate and control with FIFO
    5)R&D – this module will integrate risk analysis, preventive study and engineering development whole management system and provide Quality control plan more throughfully
    6)DCM – Documentation control and generate DHR systematically and minimize human dependence and human error

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